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                         "Unique, custom designs -- not what your neighbor has."

What do you want to see when you drive up to your home?

   -- hardscape ... brickwork, borders, stone, patio, planters, walkways, driveways

   -- softscape ... plantings perfect for your location and maintenance needs

   -- waterscape ... always wanted the sound, sparkle, and calm of a fountain or pond?

   -- lightscape ... like the look of those homes with exterior lighting that adds functionality, beauty, and safety?


Wish you had more living space?

   --how about an outdoor room?

Need more free time?

   --we have programs to take good care of your lawn and garden


These collages show the details of curving interlaced block walls, restrained natural plantings,
use of contrasting erosion control and dry-bed stonework.


Click these pictures to see the before, during, and after images of a recent project.

Take a look at a unique water feature!

Click on the image to the left to see and hear a client's video of his new pond, waterfall, and fountain in daylight or nighttime.

Click the image to the right to see a collage of pictures showing its development.

Beat the winter blahs:
think green!

hanging baskets

tropical plants

lawn maintenance
landscaping projects

thinking ahead ...


Snow Removal Service:


  • residential and commercial


  • available in these communities:
    • Cedar Lake
    • Crown Point
    • Lake Dalcarlia
    • Lowell
    • St. John


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Portfolio of Projects

We have collected photos of projects completed by LawnBoyz.

See for yourself "before", "during", and "after" pictures so you can see the quality and variety of work we do.

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Our Services

LawnBoyz is there for you. We will provide the design, installation, and maintenance expertise to not only make your ideas reality, but to take them to the next level and exceed your expectations.

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