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LawnBoyz Tropical Plants Program

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Mandevilla Trellis
Mandevilla Trellis (pink)

Mandevilla Blossom
Mandevilla Blossom (red)



6" Trellis / Braid

  • Mandevilla Trellis (dark red)
  • Mandevilla Trellis (pink)
  • Braided Draceana


10" Bush / Braid / Trellis

  • Hibiscus Bush
  • Hibiscus Standard Topiary Tree
  • Hisbiscus Braided Topiary Tree
  • Mandevilla Trellis (dark red)
  • Mandevilla Trellis (pink)
  • Gardenia Standard Topiary Tree
  • Gardenia Bush
  • Cat Palms
  • Majesty Palms
  • Texas Sage
  • Red Shrimp Braid Topiary Tree

How to Order

  • contact us (phone/e-mail)
  • we'll get you an order form
  • select items, colors & quantities on order form
  • return signed form with payment (new clients only*)
  • plants delivered to your door

(*established clients need only return signed form)


  Draceana Braided
Braided Draceana

Hisbiscus Bush 
Hibiscus Bush
Hibiscus Tree Braided
Braided Hibiscus Tree
Hibiscus Blossom
Hibiscus Blossom 
  Gardenia Bush
Gardenia Bush 
Gardenia Standard Tree
Gardenia Standard Tree 

Gardenia Blossom
Gardenia Blossom 
 Texas Sage
Texas Sage
 Red Shrimp Tree
Braided Red Shrimp Tree
 Red Shrimp Blossom
Red Shrimp Tree Blossom
 Cat Palm
Cat Palm
 Majesty Palm
Majesty Palm
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