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Borders   Brick or beach pebbles may be used to delineate your planting beds from your lawn spaces. Consider how you will mow around itraised, flush with ground,
Rocks/Mulch   Rocks - these come in a multitude of textures, sizes, and colors to complement your landscape, while allowing water to get through, but inhibiting the growth of weeds.
Mulch - hardwood, light, medium, dark (chocolate), gold, red, black -- " "
Walkways & Driveways   Brick, brick pavers (tumbled), paver quilting--many patterns and colors are available. Check out our portfolio for ideas, and if you have your own ideas, call us and we'll help you make it possible.
Patios/Planters   Much like walkways & driveways, but custom designs available -- consider varying heights, steps, defining separate dining, lounging, and entertaining spaces.
Pools, Fountains, & Waterfalls    
Lighting   custom designed to enhance your home and landscape as well as provide security/safety and convenience to your outdoor living spaces.
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Portfolio of Projects

We have collected photos of projects completed by LawnBoyz.

See for yourself "before", "during", and "after" pictures so you can see the quality and variety of work we do.

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LawnBoyz is there for you. We will provide the design, installation, and maintenance expertise to not only make your ideas reality, but to take them to the next level and exceed your expectations.

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