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LawnBoyz Mowing Program

"Unique, custom designs -- not what your neighbor has."

Let LawnBoyz take care of your lawn for you.
Mowing - We keep our equipment clean, updated, and well maintained to ensure your scheduled cut will be clean and done on time.

Why is proper mowing so important?

 - proper height--this affects how deep the grass roots grow, how thick the turf is, and how many weeds will grow in your lawn

- proper frequency--this affects how much watering will need to be done and how susceptible your lawn will be to hot weather and weeds

- proper equipment--this affects how cleanly the grass is cut, which can cause excessive loss of moisture or burning of the grass blades

- grass should be mowed when it is best for the grass, not when you have the time ... so leave it to LawnBoyz to be there when they need to be

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Portfolio of Projects

We have collected photos of projects completed by LawnBoyz.

See for yourself "before", "during", and "after" pictures so you can see the quality and variety of work we do.

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LawnBoyz is there for you. We will provide the design, installation, and maintenance expertise to not only make your ideas reality, but to take them to the next level and exceed your expectations.

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