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Aerating/Dethatching (power raking) - usually done in the fall, aerating punches holes 3-4" deep in your lawn to allow air, nutrients, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots below; it also breaks up the thatch buildup. Dethatching or power raking, is typically done in the spring or fall in order to remove the buildup of excess dead plants; this process detangles and cuts through the thatch, allowing new growth to strengthen the lawn. These processes should both be done when the soil is dry, but the grass is not brittle. Your lawn needs some thatch to protect against erosion and heat stress; however, if the thatch layer exceeds 1/2 to 3/4", your lawn needs to be dethatched.

Overseeding - your lawn needs regular maintenance to help it look its best each year. If your lawn has thin and patchy spots or has suffered from a hot spell, irregular watering, or some neglect, overseeding can put new life into your yard. Best done in the early fall, overseeding allows new grass to take root in the thin areas, filling in where it is needed most. This may be done alone or in combination with an aeration of your lawn. This is best done by early-September/mid-October, but you could get it done in early spring, before it gets too hot.

Power washing - to keep your siding looking its best, you need to clean it periodically to remove dirt, oils, tree sap, and insect residue. LawnBoyz can come in, powerwash your house/garage, to keep build-up to a minimum. Periodic cleanings like powerwashing can extend the life of your property, not to mention keep it looking great!

Sealing of decking - to keep your deck in its best shape--both structurally and aesthetically--you need to maintain the wood properly. This entails cleaning the decking and then sealing it to protect against wear and weather. Nails or screws may need to be reset to keep them flush with the surface.

Shrub trimming - shrubs and other plantings add life, color, and texture to your landscape. Keeping them looking their best requires a periodic trim. But that trimming of your shrubs can be time consuming, sometimes difficult, and a little hard on your back. LawnBoyz will come in, get everything looking great, clean up the trimmings, and leave you with nothing but beautiful greenery. We offer a summer/fall shrub trimming (early to mid-June) and a fall trimming (September/October) -- you may select either or both!

Dylox application - (direct kill of sod worm / web worm) - Dylox® provides fast-acting control of surface-feeding and soil insects, including white grubs, mole crickets, sod webworms and cutworms. Not wasting any time, Dylox works immediately after irrigation or rainfall, and penetrates thatch up to 1/2-inch thick when watered properly, providing grub control within 24 hours. Under normal conditions, Dylox controls the pest and then degrades quickly.

Crosscheck Plus application - (spray for white moths/insects) (must be applied every 6 weeks) - Crosscheck Plus is a spray that when applied correctly will help control ants, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, spiders, spider mites, ticks, moths, silverfish, fleas, and other insects. This material is safely used around your home, pets, and family.




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